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Our mission is to be the data socializing platform not just for corporate and enterprises but for communities, cities and people all across. Data intelligence is still confined to corporate world. The Open Data revolution has exposed vast amount of data to us, people, globally. We want to bring data to life and have a level playing field for all of us. This will truly transform us into smart societies

Tegzia is a data analytics management platform. It allows you to build data-pipelines, transform and visualize- all from a single interface. With emergence of IoT and Open Data, Tegzia will be at forefront to provide seamless insights of vast amount of data and provide ability to analyze it. Modern businesses and communities produce a lot of structured and unstructured data. Tegzia help make use of every piece of information that matters for successful business operations. Tegzia allows you to have a clear insights of your business operations, forecasts and trends.

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October 1, 2019
  • open data
  • analytics
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  • data driven
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Open Data Canada datasets, Open Toronto datasets, Statistics Canada datsets

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