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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Agroclimate Map Selector is an online interactive tool on the Drought Watch website which allows users to select and view a large and ever-growing collection of agroclimate map products by specifying a region, product-type and timeframe of interest. AAFC’s current collection of near-real-time (NRT) agroclimate maps consists of more than 300 distinct products; more than half of these are updated daily; the rest are updated on longer time frames including weekly, monthly, seasonal and up to annual. As examples, some of the most frequently accessed map products include accumulated precipitation, percent of average precipitation, difference from normal precipitation, and daily maximum temperature. The AAFC NRT agroclimate map system integrates in-situ weather observation data from multiple federal, provincial, private and volunteer networks. Each day, data from more than 2000 stations are quality-controlled and processed to prepare the maps which appear online. This online map collection and the maps selector help make information available to agricultural decision-makers. The Agroclimate Map Selector tool and the NRT agroclimate maps are managed by the National Agroclimate Information Service (NAIS) of AAFC, and are accessible online at www.agr.gc.ca/drought under ‘Agroclimate Maps’. To access map products for the current year, select ‘Current Agroclimate Conditions’.

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April 5, 2017
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