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BARCODE is a simple and fun documentary app that gives voice to the objects around you. Enter the name of an object or scan its barcode, and the app will show you a 60-second film that just might change the way you look at that object.

With 100 short films directed by 30 Canadian and European filmmakers, BARCODE is a collective project that takes everyday objects out of the ordinary by seeing them in a whole new way. Each of the films is inspired by a different object, and offers a new perspective on it.

We invite you to participate by using the objects near you as a starting point to tell us your own stories about everyday items in your life. You can also find films and user-generated content based on location.

This app is a mobile extension of the interactive documentary CODEBARRE.TV, co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada and ARTE France, exploring who we are based on the objects that surround us.

Follow us: @codebarretv

Developed by
National Film Board of Canada
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Date Published
October 29, 2014

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