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The Canadian Importers Database (CID) provides lists of companies importing goods into Canada, by product, by city, and by country of origin.

  • Find the major Canadian importers based on the products being imported.
  • Find the major Canadian importers based on the city.
  • Find the major Canadian importers based on the country from which they are importing.

The companies listed in this database consist of firms that import specific products into Canada through Customs. The database consists of the names of the companies as well as their locations (city, province and postal code). Companies include both Customs Brokers and their clients. The database includes Non-Resident Importers, companies which have addresses outside of Canada.

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Sujay MItra - January 24, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Have a nice day !

I am an Exporter in India, I will be glad if I get the Canadian Importers Database.

Thank you.

Julie - January 11, 2018

I am looking for information on the procedure on importing clotted cream from a company in England. How do we go about such application?

Nesma - October 15, 2017

I want imported companies for herbs and spices
Because I am a supplier of herbs and spices
Thank you

Fatiha - October 02, 2017

Je cherche des importateurs Canadiens pour une huile rare qui se produit au Maroc juste au Maroc et nul part : huile d'argan merci de nous contacter

Chi - September 13, 2017

Hi. I'm working in import-export company about food & seafood business. I do look forward to explore Cadana market and I want to get importer data. I'm happy to getting to know this site.
Do hope it's helpful for me.

Thank you.

open-ouvert - August 31, 2017

Hi Priyani,
Thank you for your comment. Did you try clicking on the link to access the information? Did you have a specific question about this data set?
Sabrina - Open Government Team

Anthony - August 16, 2017

Pleasea dvise the furniture impoprt company email list , we are exporter from Malaysia , Indonesia for furniture and home decorative

Hope to get hear from you and your help , thanks


Shafique Latif - July 14, 2017


we are manufacturer of safety gloves and safety wears
we need gloves importers list

Samantha Kussmann - June 14, 2017


I work for the Trade Commissioners of Peru in Canada. We are looking to find information on Canadian Importers for 2016.

We are willing to pay for the information.

Thank you,

In reply to by Samantha Kussmann

open-ouvert - June 15, 2017

Hi Samantha, we currently do not have the 2016 information available on our Portal. However, I have followed up with the data provider for an estimate timeline on when this data will be released. I will post an update here as soon as I receive it.

Thank you,

The Open Government team

Adam Thoma - April 20, 2017

I work for an auction company in Pennsylvania and we sell mostly school buses all across the USA. Recently one of our sellers asked us to try to sell some buses in Canada. Most of our buyers are from Mexico and Central America and getting a bus from the USA to these countries is no problem. What I am trying to figure out is how a buyer from Mexico and Central America gets a school bus from Canada to Mexico or Central America? Some of the buyer may want to drive these buses through the USA to get them to Mexico or Central America. Any advice or help would be appreciated!

Anurag Dubey - April 06, 2017

Hello sir, I want to export lemon from India so will you please give me some information about importers list.

momin mondal - March 25, 2017

We want to export leather product to can I get importer list

Prabodh Shrestha - March 21, 2017

Hi, I m looking for the handicrafts ,Carpet importer list in Canada. Please help. Thank you

Monic - March 16, 2017

Hi. I would like to know a list of import companies within Montreal. We are expecting furniture, wood from China. Thank you.

MacDonald Leather - March 13, 2017

I would like to know the importers of leather wallets & belt buckles in Canada

PUNEET - February 28, 2017


Ravi - February 25, 2017

Dear sir,
We are a merchant exporter of natural Palmyra jaggery from india,please guide me,we assure for quality and price.
Thanking you

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