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KH HIT-CITY is made by KamaHapa, a Vancouver based start-up!

When launching the app, everyone sees a vista of Whistler BC. That’s the Home Page. The app proudly promotes Canada to the World, right at the outset.

Just search “HIT-CITY” on Google Play.

17 Canadian cities + Whistler are pre-loaded for “Drag-Drop Marking” on Google Maps, where a Street View is automatically rendered, if available. For pre-loaded cities, the Google GPS Navigator is also activated simply by clicking on a marker.

Using the app’s microphone, a user can say any city, then, access any information using the available menu widgets, even if that city not pre-loaded!!

That means, any information about Canada can be searched by simple click of a relevant widget. The app comes with manual on how to exploit the widgets for more information. Yes, the app comes with a manual!

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June 24, 2017
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