Weekly Best-Quality Maximum - NDVI Anomalies


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In the “Weekly Best-Quality Maximum-NDVI anomalies” dataset series, each pixel value corresponds to the difference (anomaly) between the mean n-year “Best-Quality” Max-NDVI of the week specified (e.g. Week 18, 2000-2014) and the “Best-Quality” Max-NDVI of the same week in a specific year (e.g. Week 18, 2014). Max-NDVI anomalies < 0 indicate where weekly Max-NDVI is lower than normal. Anomalies > 0 indicate where weekly Max-NDVI is higher than normal. Anomalies close to 0 indicate where weekly Max-NDVI is similar to normal.

For more information, visit: https://open.canada.ca/data/en/dataset/ea6b4be2-9826-47f3-a387-33ddf02592f4

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
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Date Published
August 14, 2017
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