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June 26, 2015


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CKAN is an open source data management software that enables open data programs in governments, non-profits, and businesses all over the world. Canada’s Open Government Portal is powered by CKAN and our Open Government team actively contributes to the core development of this robust suite of tools.

CKANCon 2015 was an official pre-event to the recent International Open Data Conference in Ottawa. The international CKAN community gathered on May 27, 2015 to discuss current questions and the future plans of the open source data portal software, as well as learn more about the new CKAN Association.

Topics addressed at the event included the benefits of contributing to an open source platform, current uses and extensions of CKAN, and adding spatial capabilities to improve CKAN. Over 100 engaged users participated in the conference both in person and online. If you weren’t able to attend CKANCon this year, not to worry! You can watch the CKANCon 2015 video.

Attendees had one major question: how can the active technical users work harmoniously with strategy and policy teams that are increasingly interested in, and reliant on, CKAN?

The community decided on these goals:

  • create a more user-friendly space for new users and governments to adopt CKAN in their organization
  • develop an approach to co-development of commonly desired functionalities to reduce redundancy and share development costs
  • improve spatial capacity or integrate existing geospatial services into CKAN

A more detailed account of that conversation was captured in this document: Bridging Technical and Policy Teams.

The CKAN Association and CKAN working groups now have a strong understanding of what the next steps are and will continue to build on the success so far. Check the CKAN website for new information, tools, and plans in the coming weeks.

Many thanks to the International Open Data Conference for including CKANCon 2015 as an official pre-event. It not only provided the opportunity for many community members to attend in person, but also gave a platform for conversations about the growth and sustainability of CKAN to persist throughout the week.

If you would like to support the CKAN Association by joining as a formal member then please visit the members section of the CKAN site.

The Open Government Team

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