Drafting a new Digital Policy for the Integrated Management of Service, Information and Data, Technology and Cyber-Security in the Digital Era


January 18, 2019

Last year was a big year for digital government. We made a lot of progress advancing digital initiatives and celebrated many great achievements. I want to keep the momentum going by sharing recent advancements in the development of the new Digital Policy for the Government of Canada.

The Digital Policy will serve as a single set of rules and guidelines that set out how Government of Canada organizations should manage service delivery, information and data, technology, and cybersecurity.

Since my last blog, I met with my colleagues from across the Government of Canada to discuss possible directions for the Digital Policy. Thanks to your continued collaboration and input, Deputy Ministers are supportive of a new policy that:

  • Builds upon a focus on the client or user;
  • As we develop our operations and services, ensures the proactive consideration at the design stage of service needs, information and data, openness, privacy and security; and,
  • Establishes an integrated approach to governance, planning and management of service, information and data, information technology, and cyber-security.

With the endorsement of Deputy Ministers, the next stage is to draft policy language. We will also begin to develop the guidance and tools that will be needed to support departments in implementing an updated Digital Policy. To support the forthcoming shift in culture, we want to get your thoughts on where we can focus our attention. We would welcome best practices, lessons learned, and experiences or other suggestions.

  • Where should we focus our efforts for culture shift?
  • What will be the biggest challenges for employees to shift culture?
  • What will be the biggest challenges for managers to support culture shift?

We welcome your feedback through email or by joining the discussion at the Digital-Numérique group on GCcollab.

Alex Benay

Chief Information Officer, Government of Canada

Alex Benay currently serves as the Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada. Prior to this appointment, Alex was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation since .

From 2011 to 2014, he was Vice-President of Government Affairs and Business Development at OpenText. He has played a leadership role in Canada's digital industry, as well as in promoting the global shift to digital in organizations such as the G20, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Olympics. Before joining OpenText, Alex managed various teams and programs at the Canadian International Development Agency, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Library and Archives Canada.

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