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February 05, 2019

Government is continuing its approach to synchronize the timing of the Budget and the Main Estimates to improve the clarity, transparency and accountability of reporting on government spending. GC InfoBase is a key tool in improving that transparency (you can learn about Budget Estimates Alignment by watching this new short video).

In August, we took another step to foster even greater clarity in our reporting with the launch of the new Budget Tracker. As part of GC InfoBase, it presents complex federal data in a visual form and allows you to track spending announced in the Budget more easily. Government spending has never been more transparent; Canadians and parliamentarians can now track budget items right down to the program level.

GC InfoBase is a data-visualization app, originally launched in as the Expenditure Database. This interactive tool was developed in response to a parliamentarians’ request for better access to information on government finances and to meet public demand for simpler government reporting. It grew to incorporate new data (such as people management and results data), and underwent a name change to reflect this broader content.

Since its creation, GC InfoBase has been recognized as the authoritative source of government expenditure information by the Parliamentary Budget Officer, and was identified as a public sector innovation by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Observatory of Public Sector Innovation. Currently, it contains years’ worth of federal government data, bringing together information previously scattered across over 500 government reports.

GC InfoBase is constantly evolving to meet users’ growing needs and expectations, and now with the Budget Tracker, we’re bringing government spending into sharper focus. Try it for yourself and see how easy it is to follow the money!

Glenn Purves

Glenn Purves was appointed Assistant Secretary, Expenditure Management at the Treasury Board Secretariat in September, 2018.

Mr. Purves has a vast range of experience in expenditure management and fiscal policy, having served at Finance Canada for almost two decades. Most recently, he served as Associate Assistant Deputy Minister of the Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy Branch. His previous roles at Finance included Director General of Fiscal Policy Division in the Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch and Senior Director in the International Trade and Finance Branch, with responsibility for international economic analysis and supporting the G7/G20 process.

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