Processing Times of All Visa Categories by Visa Office Over Time


Citizenship and Immigration Canada

The average processing times of different visas, broken down by the visa office it is being processed at, over time.

Additional Comments and Feedback. Current processing times for visas are available by different categories (from here: However, relative processing times over time in different countries and by different offices is unavailable. This information should be made available to be able to monitor the effectiveness of our current visa and security processes.

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Ramandeep Kaur - June 15, 2018

Hi I applied my husband’s open work permit and I am studying in Canada. He is in India. It’s almost 2 months but didn’t get anything so what is the problem here.

Mandeep singh - May 21, 2018

My name is mandeep singh . I applied for trv visa .. I got my passport ..but i dont know about visa .. There is no any information given about visa in passport involpe

Anjali Pathak - May 10, 2018

Hi There!
I recently finished my degree and applied for the visitor visa of my parents so that they could attend my Graduation. It's been 3 months and the file is still under background check. Just wanted to know what can i do to see them here with me on my graduation day which is in a months time.

Manish - May 09, 2018

Hii i have submit my file for vfs office jalandhar in 13.04.2018 ..but there is no reply pls tell me how was the process. Time for visitor visa

Aqsa Rajput. - December 13, 2016

hi .,
I have applied for a study permit for canada. They have given me 12 weeks for processing an application from September 01,2016 but no reply till yet . The college in which i have applied in Canada want me to complete my enrollment but this can be happen on the decision of canadian embassy in order to proceed.Please help me.

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open-ouvert - December 15, 2016

Thanks for your question, Aqsa.
I have a couple of suggestions that I hope are helpful. First, have you gone online to check your application status with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship here You may also want to check in with their Call Centre ( if the online application status tool does not provide you with the information you're searching for.
Best wishes on coming to study in Canada!
Karin - the open-ouvert team

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