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Claudette Bouffard - January 03, 2019

I'm not sure that comment is relevant to your department. If not, perhaps you could help me finding answer.
It's absolutely impossible to get help/answer from a Public Servants either they are clerk or Director.
GEDS gives only the phone number? Public Servants are on voice-mail 100% of the time. Even when you leave messages they do not return the calls.
If a taxpayer manages to get an e-mail. They also do not answer to e-mails.
How are we supposed to try to do business with the Government?
I'm not sure what Federal Public Servants do all day? They certainly do not answer their phones, or return calls and they do not even respond to e-mails.
I wish to get information about how Public Servants can be on voice-mail 100% of the time and do not return phone calls.
Thank you