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Amanda - January 17, 2019


Thanks for your feedback. The User Expos planned between January 14 and February 11, 2019 are part of the NextGen Team's ongoing engagement efforts and are certainly not the first nor the last opportunity public servants will have to share their feedback. These locations were based on department location, employee types, availability and proximity to other public servants. While we recognize that the User Expos planned do not reach public servants in every province, we are currently looking at other ways to engage public servants across Canada to have your voices heard and included as part of this process. We are always welcoming your feedback online, whether it be through our website or Twitter using our hashtags #NextGenHRPay #ProGenRHPaye.

Please be sure to continue to follow our work and communications as we look at further expanding our engagement efforts.

Thanks again for your feedback,

Senior Advisor, NextGen