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Amanda Bernardo - January 21, 2019

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your feedback. Our website has since been updated to reflect that we are in the lobbies of the buildings listed (with the exception of 1400 Merivale, where we are in the cafeteria - open only to CFIA employees).

In an effort to engage with public servants on possible solutions, the User Expo was developed to gather feedback through a hands-on experience. Vendors involved in Gate 2 of our agile procurement process were invited to participate in the User Expo, in which three chose to participate. We unfortunately cannot comment on the official procurement as it is currently underway, but we hope that by testing some possible solutions that it can help us generate user feedback on what public servants would like to see in a new HR and pay solution.

In terms of other considerations for an alternative HR and pay solution, through Budget 2018 the NextGen Team was asked to identify viable market solutions for recommendation. This is the work our Team is currently mandated to lead on.

I can assure you that this is not the first nor the last opportunity that our Team will be engaging public servants, and we encourage you to continue to visit our website for updates on future opportunities, and to share your feedback. We're listening!

Thanks again,
Senior Advisor, NextGen