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Amanda Bernardo - January 22, 2019

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for your feedback. The planned User Expos are not the first nor the last engagement opportunity. Our team previously held an engagement session in Vancouver so to diversify our outreach, the planned User Expo in BC was planned for Victoria. This location was also chosen in an effort to engage with public servants from the Canadian Coast Guard who can offer insights to their unique employment challenges and experiences. We are constantly looking at ways to further this engagement so I encourage you to check back on our website for future opportunities.

In addition to the User Expos, UX testing is underway with a group of 200 public servants through the official procurement process, as well as testing with subject matter experts. Feedback through these UX/SME engagements will be used to evaluate possible solutions as part of our agile procurement process.

We are always open to feedback and use this to apply lessons learned and best practices throughout this process.

Thank you,
Senior Advisor, NextGen