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A - January 31, 2019

Hi there,
Previously worked at the Service Canada processing building located in Winnipeg and recently moved to a different department/location. The expo information was shared throughout the new department however upon speaking to my colleagues at the previous department and inquiring if they were attending, not one of them had heard of this. I've read your previous response stating "Communications for this event were shared broadly with departments". As Phoenix has directly affected numerous employees, I feel this is such an important event and therefore am disheartened that not everyone was made aware of it. Would you be able to clarify how and to who the information was shared (ADM's, DG'S, managers, team leaders..?) and who's responsibility it was to ensure it was shared to individuals other than at management level? It would be beneficial to pinpoint where the break in communication occurred so that this can be rectified for next time. Unfortunately, some departments and their respective management staff choose not to share information that would allow an employee to leave their workstation, because doing so would affect stats and productivity, hence my queries. Any info you can shed on the matter would be much appreciated!