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Gavin Berube - January 29, 2019

It is refreshing to see the emphasis on understanding “our business” and related “Services” first. The comment about the fact Enterprise Architecture gives the practitioners a holistic 360-degree view including the six dimensions making up GC Enterprise Architecture and related “Solutions” to documented problems or issues is correct theoretically, seldom achieved in reality yet, but that does not make it less valid.

What is disappointing is the inferred scope. Achieving “One Government” intuitively gives the sense of a much more compelling Vision than what is defined in this blog “Giving Citizens the opportunity to sign up only once for government services, instead of multiple times for each different service”. This is a laudable first step in my view, one where Canadians would not be burdened knowing which GC Enterprise constituent Departments or Agencies provides which Service. Achieving this Single/Simplified Sign On for any and all GC Services will be a significant achievement.

Nevertheless the “Whole of Government as One Enterprise” conjures up such a potential for a Vision so compelling its achievement would generate interest around the planet desiring to emulate the Canadian experience in Public Service. I am hoping the scope described is scope # 1 of a much longer of list of scope initiatives that would optimize the potential of this Vision over time. Let's hope the full potential of this will be considered sooner than later.