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Kevin Stephens - February 28, 2018

I just want to add a few simple thoughts.

Depleted health and social service programs in the areas that affect you are of concern, I agree. Is it right to assume that the quantity of immigrants that are here are the root cause? What if every immigrant moved away and the population dropped by 10%. Then, 5 years later, the population has regrown that 10% naturally but now it's because of an abundance of "Native Canadians, Indian and French English descendants of early settlers". The services would still be depleted, the beds just as full. Perhaps the solution isn't about number of residents. Perhaps its lies in training more program administrators which would actually be easier to do if there was a greater population to find administrators in. Maybe medical personnel aren't incentivised enough to stay? All this to say, what's the REAL problem?

Imagine a future, war torn Canada where we're fleeing the country and our only options are other countries who've opened their arms. A very serious risk of death if we stay, but hope and a dream for a future for you and your family if you go.

Canada is a living, functioning example of how different peoples can really live together. It's not easy, but it's not a war zone here. Canadians are awesome, open arms, open hearts, especially when you compare us to other parts of the world. Don't we have a responsibility to persist in showing, not telling, the rest of the world that it can be done, and here's how?

How great would it be if a lot more countries followed our example and opened their borders too? Humanity isn't a collection of pocket groups of aliens - we're all human, raised in places with different temperatures and languages. That's it.