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open-ouvert - January 04, 2019

Hi Gillian,

Thank you for sharing your comments and for raising the importance of having a strong vision for open government. We agree that the site needs improvement! Open government is evolving and maturing in Canada, and internationally, at lightning speed. That’s partly why we take an iterative approach, developing our strategic priorities through consultation with Canadians and publishing them through our national action plans on open government every two years.

We agree that could be better organized to find information – this is something we are actively working on. For example, there are ongoing efforts to ensure we are publishing meaningful assets, refocusing on quality versus quantity. And in terms of findability on the website, we have worked to improve our metadata and our search engine optimization. In addition, we are in the process of undergoing UX testing and updates that will ensure that users are finding the information they’re looking for in a timely manner. Regarding to content and context, we are moving towards a “publish with a purpose” approach, while still promoting the open by default mindset. For example the GC Service Inventory offers a detailed view into how the government delivers services to Canadians. The Grants and Contributions dataset offers insight into how government provides funding to support programming for Canadians. The Government of Canada makes the Departmental Results Report available as Open Data in order to be as transparent as possible on the performance of our programs, including the Open Government Program. Core information on the government’s areas of focus (such as Government priorities) is listed on

We recognize there is a lot of information out there, and more work on our end to link different transparency efforts can also help to increase structure and direction. We would welcome any further feedback on specific things you would like to see improved on the site.

You have shared important feedback with us – and we thank you! We appreciate that you have been following the file for many years, and we hope to see your continued engagement as Open Government advances.



Lauren for the Open Government team