Increase transparency of Budget and other Department of Finance information: Commitment 10


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The Government of Canada will provide access to the datasets used in the Federal Budget each year in near real time and proactively disclose the list of briefing note titles prepared on economic and other matters.

Lead department:

Department of Finance Canada

Email address for enquiries:

Other involved actors:


Overall status:

All deliverables complete

Planned result

You’ll have timely access to the data used in the annual federal Budget and other Department of Finance information.

Key indicator
Indicator Target Latest actual data (and data collection date)
Percentage of eligible Budget charts and tables data released one week following publication of the annual federal Budget 100% within a week of Budget 100% for Federal Budgets 2017 and 2018
Percentage of eligible briefing note titles prepared for the Minister, the Parliamentary Secretary and the Deputy Minister released on a monthly basis 100% every month (with a five-week delay, i.e. the January report to be released in early March) 100% every month since August 2016 (June 2018)

Status of Open Government Plan milestones (complete, substantial, limited, not started)


  • 10.1 Starting with Budget 2017, make all data from Budget charts and tables available in near real time to facilitate analysis by citizens and Parliamentarians.
  • 10.2 Post publicly the list of briefing note titles prepared by Department of Finance officials on a regular basis, in order to be transparent about issues raised.
  • 10.3 Explore options to increase the transparency of the budget pre-consultation process.
    • Starting with Budget 2016, the Department has posted summary reports of the results of the pre-budget consultations on (2016 and 2017). Awareness of the Budget 2017 consultation greatly exceeded that of previous years and resulted in 30,797 completed online survey submissions due to digital and social media promotion.  

Other completed milestones:

  • We’re interested in what other financial information Canadians would like, what are your views on this?
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