Engage civil society on open government: Commitment 19


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The Government of Canada will create ongoing mechanisms for strengthening dialogue with civil society in support of open government activities.

Lead department:

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Email address for enquiries:


Other involved actors:


Overall status:

All deliverables complete.

Planned result

Civil society will be able to access a formal mechanism for regular, two-way conversation on open government issues with the federal government.

Key indicator
Indicator Target Latest actual data (and data collection date)
Number of collaborative initiatives, products or tools created by the forum 4 by June 2018 The Forum has provided input to support the co-creation of commitments in Canada’s 4th National Action Plan; has agreed to support a gender-based analysis of National Action Plan commitments; has developed Forum terms of reference and information products that can be shared with GC departments to support development of multi-stakeholder initiatives
Open government civil society stakeholders are supportive of and engaged in events and initiatives Baseline data of stakeholder surveys
Social media analytics undertaken
As part of public engagement on Canada’s 4th National Action Plan on Open Government, percentage of engagement participants self-identifying as civil society rose from 8% in 2016 to 20% in 2018

Status of Open Government Plan milestones (complete, substantial, limited, not started)


  • 19.1 Develop and maintain a renewed mechanism for ongoing, meaningful dialogue between the Government of Canada and civil society organizations on open government issues across the country.
  • 19.2 Undertake targeted engagement activities to discuss open government issues in specific domains with key civil society stakeholders.

Other completed milestones:

  • First in-person meeting held in January 2018 and have started regular teleconferences
  • Created thematic working groups to address priority areas for Canada’s next action plan
  • Can you help us identify the right communities to target with our civil society engagement activities?
  • What themes within Open Government require more collaboration between government and civil society?
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