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Help Canadians learn about Canada’s work on open government through learning materials, information sessions, and enhanced training for public servants

1.2.1 Materials for teachers and educators drafted and published

1.2.2 Outreach to at least 50 teachers or educators to encourage them to review and use these materials

1.2.3 70% of teachers using the material are satisfied with it

1.2.4 At least 300 public servants from at least 15 Government of Canada departments or agencies trained through learning activities indicate a better understanding of open government following the learning activity 

1.2.5 A Government of Canada Digital Academy is established, and at least 40 nominated participants complete its premium course curriculum

1.2.6 3 workshop events are held to train federal public servants on employing administrative data in decision-making

1.2.7 Public open government and open data webinars are held at least every 2 months

1.2.8 Participants are happy with webinar content and format (at least 70% satisfaction measured by a short survey after each webinar) 


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