Commitment 3: Canadian Open Data Exchange (ODX)


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Lead implementing department(s)
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Open Data
Reporting period

End-of-term (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016)


Behind Schedule

Establish an open data institute to support collaboration with the private sector, civil society, academia, and other levels of government to promote the commercialization of open data.

Deliverables Status / Final Results Lessons Learned Completion Level

Establish the Open Data Exchange (ODX) as a national marketplace for open data to undertake the following:

  • Developing new tools and applications that use government data;
  • Establishing a framework for open data standards;
  • Consulting with industry champions on demonstration projects for the commercialization of open data in priority sectors;
  • Launching a national outreach program
  • Incubating new data-driven companies

In , Canada announced funding for Communitech Corporation to establish the Open Data Exchange (ODX), located in Waterloo, Ontario.

ODX’s website was developed and launched ( and includes a platform for supplying and requesting open data. In collaboration with FedDev, ODX also undertook numerous demonstration projects in an effort to support the selection of promising companies for incubation. Funding for ODX was identified through a non-repayable contribution under FedDev Ontario’s Investing in Commercialization Partnerships initiative.

Over the course of the project’s initial three years, it is expected to result in the incubation of 15 new data-driven companies. However, incubation of these new companies and achieving other planned deliverables proved to be more complex than anticipated. A strategic decision was made to extend the delivery period beyond the planned period; commitments were accordingly rolled over to the 2016-18 Open Government Plan.

New organizations take time to ramp up. Time is required to build capacity, develop collaborations and partnerships, and undertake promotional activities outside and within Canada. Effectively delivering on these preliminary activities proved to be essential to enabling ODX to fulfill its open government commitments.

In addition to focusing on open data, there has been interest by the private sector in opening their data and looking for federal leadership to support them.


Rolled over in
2016-18 Plan

Additional Deliverables Beyond the Action Plan

ODX is seeking to launch an Open Data Ventures Initiative, which would secure additional collaborators for small scale Open Data commercialization/technology development projects.


Supports the principles of civic participation and increasing access to new technologies for openness and accountability. Activities are targeted at helping address the OGP Grand Challenge of improving public services by promoting collaboration among various sectors to demonstrate and catalyze the effective use of open data to meet socio-economic objectives.


Creates a platform and toolsets to help the private sector use government data to launch new products and create new companies to spur economic growth and create new jobs.