Action Plan Commitment 8: Open Contracting


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Lead implementing department(s)
Treasury Board Secretariat
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Open Information
Reporting period

End-of-term (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016)


On Schedule

Coordinate single-window access to a broad range of open contracting information from across federal departments.

Deliverables Status / Final Results Lessons Learned Completion Level

Release data on all contracts over $10,000 via a centralized, machine-readable database available to the public.

A system has been developed and deployed across the entire government to accept the common reporting of contracts over $10,000. 

Developing a data standard for contract reporting was imperative to the success of the system. Training tools and materials were developed to help support the implementation of the tool which proved to be highly useful. 


Increase the level of detail disclosed on government contracts over $10,000.

The level of detail disclosed on government contracts over $10,000 is being increased with the disclosure of 17 data fields providing additional information on contracts (e.g. solicitation procedure, country of origin, etc.) for contracts awarded after .

Leveraging new and updated IM/IT systems provides an opportunity to disclose additional information. Canada will explore the disclosure of further datasets through the use of e-procurement solutions and financial systems.


Provide guidance to federal departments and agencies to increase consistency in open contracting.

Guidance has been drafted and presentations were provided to departments and agencies to increase consistency in open contracting.

Guidance and training is key to ensuring consistency in open contracting. There will continue to be a need for periodic guidance and training over the medium term to ensure open contracting data is reported and disclosed in a consistent manner.


Pilot the Open Contracting Data Standard – 0.3.3 on the website for federal contracts awarded by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

PSPC's Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) Pilot has been launched on the website to demonstrate the use of the OCDS using data from contracts awarded by PSPC on behalf of government departments and agencies since 2012. Canadians can now download PSPC's OCDS Pilot Data (in a JSON data format) including information on tenders, awards, contract history, and standing offers and supply arrangements from 2012-13 to the present.  This data is licenced for reuse under the Open Government Licence - Canada.

There is value in connecting the stages of procurement, and enabling the "procurement at a glance" lens into Government of Canada contracting. OCDS fills an information gap that is the result of the existing disconnect between contracting data systems, and also provides an example of how to create these linkages in a meaningful way.

There is a greater level of detail captured in PSPC contracting data than is required by the OCDS. There is an opportunity for PSPC to contribute suggestions for increasing the level of detail by the OCDS, such as trade agreement information.



Supports the principles of transparency and accountability, and is targeted at helping address the OGP Grand Challenge of improving public services by improving access to expanded, proactively disclosed information on federal contracts over $10K.


Improves the proactive disclosure of contracting data, strengthens the openness and transparency of the Government of Canada's procurement processes, and increases Canadians' knowledge of how their tax dollars are being spent.