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Issue to be addressed

Public access to science conducted or collected by the federal government has great potential value, but government-funded science is sometimes hard to access. This is because it is not open, easy to find, or communicated in a way that resonates with Canadians. Many Canadians also do not know how to find information about federal scientists who are working on issues of interest to them.


The Government of Canada will make federal science, scientific data, and scientists more accessible. We will:

  • develop a Canada Open Science Roadmap to provide a plan for greater openness in federal science and research activities
  • provide a platform for Canadians to find and access open access publications from federal scientists
  • raise public awareness of federal scientists’ work and of open science
  • promote open science and solicit feedback on stakeholder needs
  • measure progress in implementing open science and the benefits it can provide


5.1 Develop an Open Science Roadmap for the Government of Canada

5.1.1 A Canada open science roadmap is developed to provide a plan for greater openness in federal science and research activities. It is shared with the science-based departments and agencies (SBDAs)

5.1.2 Science-based departments and agencies (SBDAs) have released their action plans in keeping with the Canada open science roadmap

5.2 Pilot an open science portal to provide access to open access publications from federal scientists

5.2.1 A roadmap for the future of the Canadian Federal Science Repository prototype is published, including post-pilot next steps

5.2.2 A pilot portal for open access federal science publications is launched

5.2.3 Report on options for integrating federally funded open science into the pilot portal

5.3 Launch a platform allowing Canadians to more easily:

  • find National Research Council science professionals

  • find and access publications and pre-prints they have published

  • understand what they are working on

  • connect with them via social media networks

5.3.1 An online, searchable directory of NRC scientists that other departments can join is in operation by fiscal year 2019 to 2020

5.3.2 The platform leverages existing digital identification systems, such as ORCID iD

5.3.3 Options are explored to link the NRC directory to the existing Government of Canada directory, which is led by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

5.4 Promote open science and actively solicit feedback from stakeholders and federal scientists on their needs with respect to open data and open science

5.4.1 10 open science engagement sessions held with federal scientists and invited stakeholders across Canada

5.4.2 A report on identified user needs is published and used to inform ongoing and future open science efforts

5.5 Measure the Government of Canada’s progress in implementing open science, and the benefits open science can provide to Canadians

5.5.1 Indicators for measuring the benefits of open science for Canadians are developed and published

5.5.2 Indicators report on the benefits of open science for Canadians is published

5.5.3 Yearly reporting on progress against existing metrics measuring implementation of open science by SBDAs

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