Open Government and COVID-19

Using the open government principles of transparency, accountability and citizen participation, we are working to support an open response and recovery to COVID-19.


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Open data and information related to COVID-19

Browse Government of Canada resources related to COVID-19, including datasets and infographics.

COVID-19 outbreak update in Canada

Consult the latest numbers related to COVID-19 in Canada, including total number of people tested, confirmed cases and deaths.

Open data on the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

Browse CERB data, including number of applications received and processed.

Open data on the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

Browse CEWS data, including number of approved claims processed.

Open data on the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)

Browse CESB data, including financial support to students who are unable to find work due to COVID-19.

Search Briefing Note Titles and Numbers

Find Briefing Note Titles and Numbers related to the Government of Canada’s response to COVID-19.

Search Government Contracts

Browse information on contracts over $10,000 by department and amount, as well as standing offer agreements and supply arrangements used by government departments related to COVID-19.

Search Government Grants and Contributions

Search transfers of money, goods, services or assets to individuals, organizations or other levels of government related to COVID-19.

Search Government Travel Expenses

Search by function and department to see where the government’s travel dollars are being spent related to COVID-19.

Search Government Hospitality Expenses

Find out what your government is spending to facilitate the business of the day, or to extend courtesy to honoured guests related to COVID-19.

Open justice and COVID-19

The Department of Justice Canada is taking action to support Canada’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about these actions here.

Suggest a dataset or API

Not seeing the dataset you are looking for? Is there a dataset or API that you would like to see? Let us know by using our Suggest a Dataset form.

Open Call

Explore Open Call, a curated catalogue of free, open source tools to help teams from all levels of government serve residents during COVID-19.

Open data user stories related to COVID-19

Explore how Canadians are using open data related to COVID-19 and its impact on communities.

What's new in open government?

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