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Submitted by Sylvianne Sanders on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 17:41

For the Latitude and the Longitude that is provided in the NPRI-Facility-Geo-Locations-Since1993, some records have one decimal and some have up to six decimal points. Is this because of the data submitted to NPRI or has the excel table not been formatted to keep the zeros after the decimal point?


Submitted by open-ouvert on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 18:08


We received the following response from the data provider:
Thank you for the question. The geographic coordinates provided in the bulk data file are primarily presented as reported by facilities and generally have 4 decimal places. In some cases, we have updated coordinates during our QC review and the updated coordinates may have up to 6 decimal places (6 is the default for the placemarks in Google Earth). Higher numbers of decimal places may also occur when facilities have reported their location as a land survey or a BC-NTS and we have converted it to lat/long using software. In cases where there are fewer than 4 decimal places, this is most likely caused by Excel’s truncation of trailing zeros.

Thanks for your interest in the data, and please feel free to contact us directly at if you have any further questions.

Hope this is helpful! Karin - open-ouvert team


Submitted by open-ouvert on Wed, 05/03/2017 - 14:01


Here's a response from the data owner:

Thanks for your inquiry. We have recently published an Access database that contains the full dataset and uses an improved data structure compared to what was available in previous years. The new database and additional supporting information are available here:…
If you have a specific requirement for the old version of the database, we can also provide it up on request. Please email us at

Thank you,
Momin, the Open Government team.

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