3 simple idea(s) to reduce MASSIVELY energy consumption + CO2 emissions


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Jose Moliner
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So, I've lived in about 7 countries in the world and thought about sharing some very simple ideas that could IMPACT MASSIVELY Canada to lower CO2 emissions. 

1) It doesn't make sense to have just one fast lane on the HIGHWAY for cars with more than 2 people. If there were two (or even three) fast lanes for cars with more than 2 people, this would upset and create massive traffic for the first months, but the people will finally look for resources to share car rides and be more conscious about using the car. In places like Europe, there are many apps for car sharing that are used by all the population (ie. blablacar)

2) When I've been invited into many houses in Canada, it's unbelievable how warm they are! Many houses are heated at 24 to 27 degrees Celsius. Back in Europe, I would say people are more conscious about heat, and usually, houses are around 21 to 23 degrees Celcius. That small change in degrees has a massive impact in the country excessive consumption. With a few adverts on TV about the recommended temperature for houses and even incentivizing Canadian people to buy some warm socks (that's how the body gets colder), people be more conscious about this. In every house I've been so far, they were wearing short sleeve t-shirts!

3) Many houses are still using nonefficient light bulbs, just because the efficient ones are so expensive. The government should incentivize the use of this and replacements of the old bulbs (consume 80% more on average) and offer massive discounts for buying efficient bulbs.

I have many more ideas and would like to contribute if necessary now that I have moved with my Canadian girlfriend to Toronto.

Thank you.
Jose Moliner


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