Alternative approach to help seniors remain in their homes


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Maeve Ann O'Byrne
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Canada is not alone in struggling with a growing baby-boomer generation, limited healthcare funds and the need to meet seniors needs in their homes, rather than having to move into care.  Many seniors would prefer to stay at home.  Denmark has had remarkable success in focusing on one aspect of care, bringing back seniors' ability to function in a self-reliant way at a lower cost to the healthcare system.  I believe that developing a model similar to the Danish system, partnering with provincial and municipal governments to build community (intergenerational communication from high school to seniors) could not only allow for a healthier population, but also save money on healthcare, from home support, to the treatment of depression and of course, hospital beds as that is where many seniors must stay while they wait for a care home bed.
There is an opportunity to develop a social enterprise partnership between government & Non-for-Profit, based on the Danish experience.

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