Establish a multi-stakeholder forum

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James McKinney

Within the Open Government Partnership, government and civil society are
intended to be partners and co-creators of the National Action Plan.

To achieve this, over 30 OGP countries use multi-stakeholder forums. The
forums provide a permanent dialogue mechanism between government and civil
society, participating as equal partners in agreeing the National Action Plan
and planning and monitoring in its implementation. For additional context, we
are sending via email an OGP draft document describing these forums.

To date, the Government of Canada has been going through each stage of the
OGP process unilaterally, without the active participation and collaboration
of civil society.

To remedy this, on March 29, we launched the Canadian Open Government Civil
Society Network ( Our purpose is to establish
a permanent dialogue mechanism and to engage more civil society organizations
in the OGP. Since then, 26 organizations have signed the letter of intent
(attached with signatories).

To lead the network, an interim steering committee was formed. Its members

Gail Davidson, Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada
David Fewer, Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
Jean-Noé Landry, Open North
Michael Lenczner, Powered by Data
James McKinney
Toby Mendel, Centre for Law and Democracy
Sukanya Pillay, Canadian Civil Liberties Association

After discussions and meetings with civil servants in the Treasury Board
Secretariat, we are submitting a proposal for a multi-stakeholder forum

In preparing this proposal, we spoke with civil society representatives in
countries with permanent dialogue mechanisms, we spoke with the OGP Support
Unit to learn about other countries’ experiences, we built on the resources
they provided, and we integrated their feedback to our proposal.

Many OGP countries have formed multi-stakeholder forums through executive
decrees and similar instruments. Canada’s forum should be formed through an
Order-in-Council, to protect it from easily becoming inactive through, for
example, the neglect of a new government after an election. We can provide
sample orders from other countries.

We look forward to further refining this proposal in the next phase of the
consultation on the OGP National Action Plan in June.


James McKinney, on behalf of the Interim Steering Committee of the Canadian
Open Government Civil Society Network

Letter of intent with signatories:
Proposal for a multi-stakeholder forum:



Bruce Cuthbert - May 13, 2016

We cannot afford the overhead to have each civic engagement connect to the public. We also need to be able to connect people together based on their location in Canada and based on their interests at all levels of government.

Bruce Cuthbert - May 13, 2016

We need federal government to help connect at provincial and local levels as well. We need online civic engagement to be a new way for everyone to help make all of our governments better. Currently we have silo thinking at each level of government. see my previous comment as well.

Bruce Cuthbert - May 13, 2016, developed to Ontario Privacy Commisioner PrivacyByDesign standards by Vancouver company, could be used to connect with open government as well as to connect to the 4 levels of government for civic engagement and to allow neighbourhoods and streets to connect.

Every poll, survey, discussions from any of these groups at all levels of government builds the group for all future polls, surveys, discussions. We need a new way to connect for open government that works at all levels otherwise every civic engagement starts over and we will continue to miss the opportunity and miss involving people that are interested in making Canada, our provinces, our municipalities and our rural communities better.

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