Garbage Incineration


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We are way past the time where we can keep dumping millions of tons of garbage into the ground where it will still me sitting millions of years from now .   The only sensible solution is for governments to collect all trash , sort out all metals and recyclables , and incinerate the rest to produce electricity  in large incinerators built across the country .  How many people know that waste plastic can be used in steel mills to replace coking coal ?  This is common practice in Australia . It is more efficient than coal ..   Relatively few people recycle . People will always take the easiest path so government needs to take a firm hand and lead the way .   Here`s a wild idea . Gas is cheap . Very cheap . Why can`t there be a 10% tax on fuel  and a base price of $1.50 per liter where the government collects the difference if the gas price drops below that . All revenue goes directly to efficient energy projects and recycling . Somebody needs to do something quick .

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