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Ken Dalton
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Global warming / Climate Change (call it whichever you like) has been an issue for decades.  There has been some action taken but there's just been promises from the federal government.  When are we going to see clean energy sources on federal government property and buildings?  I mean solar panels, wind turbines, and so on. These could include vertical axis wind turbines, which do not have to be huge stresses on a building.   Also, stop approving oil pipelines.  We need to get away from oil, coal and other fossil fuels.
Milestones: buildings with solar panels, wind turbines, cancelled pipelines.
There are many solar energy companies in Canada that the government could work with.  See CanSIA (Canadian Solar Industries Association ) to find some. Here's their URL:

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Submitted by ugggg no on February 23, 2023 - 7:34 PM

Fossil fuel burns off, those lithium batteries are FOREVER. Chemicals, toxic landfills, Not recyclable, dangerous. People really want to GO GREEN. Create cities with back allies for HORSES. I dont know how many people I know who rather use a horse than a car or bike. Bring those back. Free lawn mower, they decompose, and no pollution. Have the back of the house leading to roads for horses, and front of the house leading roads for cars.

BAN PLASTICS. Those so called reusable bags are HORRIBLE and just thicker plastic ugly bag that everyone throws away and does not use. Go back to glass, wood and metal.

Canada should also go back to PAPER MONEY, and stop creating new bills. American bill has never been updated. Canadian keeps getting new ones that so bad for the earth just to prevent a few issues. If government abolished taxation people would have more desire to make LEGAL money and they would not turn to crime