How about national referendums on questions on national importance?


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This already exists in other democracies. I'm not talking about getting voters out for every question but for contentious issues such as the legalization of marijuana, lowering the voting age to 16, embedding greater technology in Canadian democracy, electoral reform at the federal level, roles of the various federal ministries (INAC being excluded as it is constitutionally mandatory and should represent the interests of Canada's original peoples), the sales of arms to foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia, the ratification of international treaties such as the TPP or the NAFTA which is currently being renegotiated, the inclusion of Tobago and Trinidad to the Canadian confederation. Perhaps one or two per year should be sufficient. This would perhaps cost just as much than to studies in committee to shape the law in question. It would also ensure the current government in power doesn't take political heat for unpopular decision if those decisions are ratified by referendum.

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