Innovation for the public good


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Heather Morrison
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Shape policy to ensure that the public good is central to benefits
that accrue through opening government information and data. Recognize that
there are both benefits and dangers to opening up government data for
commercial exploitation. For example, in opening up government data to
commercialization, there is a potential to shift from free public services to
for-pay commercial services. Take action to make sure that this does not
happen. Suggestions for action: 1) do not allow private services to interfere
with free government services (e.g. paying a search engine to have private
services developed from free public goods appear before free government
services should be illegal); 2) insist on quid pro quo, i.e. commercial
services from free public goods should at minimum provide free basic service
- this would require a modification to the open government license, which is
advisable in my opinion; and 3) ensure that private interests benefiting from
free public goods give back to the public good through taxes. The global
nature of the internet means that this would take an international effort. I
would love to see Canada make good use of our leadership in open data to push
for this.

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