Next Steps for the Mandatory Reporting on Extractives

Submitted By
James McKinney

In 2014, NRCan held a consultation on mandatory reporting standards relating to the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act (ESTMA):

Among the 16 submissions, 10 requested a centralized database of the mandatory reports and 6 requested a machine-readable reporting template. The motivations for, and benefits of, these two recommendations are described in detail in the submissions, so I will not repeat them here.

I have not been able to determine whether these two recommendations have been taken forward or responded to. I therefore suggest them for inclusion in the National Acton Plan.

If this idea is developed into a commitment, I recommend consulting with the organizations that submitted both recommendations:
- Publish What You Pay Canada
- Engineers Without Borders Canada
- Resource Revenue Transparency Working Group
- ONE Campaign
- Teck Resources Limited
- XBRL Canada


James McKinney - April 12, 2016

I would just like to clarify that prescribing a machine-readable reporting format and requiring the release of the reports on, for example, can be done through regulations and orders and that no amendment to the legislation is required.

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