Perceptive List of Common Sense Ideas for Government


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Diane Babcock
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A note about me: I am an active Canadian who can tell when she is being lied to and promptly educates herself on what the truth should be. I am a small business owner in BC who was very active in removing Campbell, Harper and Clark from the political that order. I took non-credit university courses to educate myself in Democratic Development & International Human Rights, and I shared everything I learned to help create awareness for my fellow citizens so they could know the truth, too.

My suggestions come from decades of both observation and involvement in finding solutions for humanity and learning what works. The bottom line that works for the people: trust in a government that understands the symbiotic relationship between itself and the amazing citizens, who merely include some mindless sheep, and to represent them as a whole. I've only had that feeling once about a PM in my lifetime and it was in 1978 with Pierre Trudeau – and it felt really good. I also used to feel proud as a Canadian to be welcomed anywhere in the world with respect hailing from a nation of environmentally-responsible peacekeepers with a quality Made in Canada standard of export product.

My ideas!

• Acknowledge the major shifts in the collective consciousness away from elitism and toward egalitarianism that is growing exponentially on the planet.
• Consult with experts & cooperate with activists who have the know-how when it comes humanitarian sustenance and planetary preservation. They live their expertise daily to create new and adopt current working models from around the world. These people undoubtedly know their stuff: Guy Dauncey (clean energy), David Suzuki (environment), Maude Barlow (water), Alexandra Morton (salmon).
• Educate and inform the public on what it should expect from a high-quality democratic system by offering free online courses like a university would, so they can better assist the government with decision-making. 
• Eliminate red tape when it comes to acting on the people's behalf and stop arguing about perceived political correctness that is subjective anyway. Government timelines need to work for and as fast on behalf of the citizens as they do for themselves and have done for corporations in the past.
• Eradicate partisan prejudice and incorporate good ideas from highly-intelligent fellow Canadians and party leaders, especially Elizabeth May who has a steel trap of a brain filled with the most useful facts.
• Respect the symbiosis between humans and the planet and the universal intelligence that creates the innovative ideas in individuals who bring the solutions for humanity. Most can be found in the small business pool where entrepreneurism is the real future – and not corporations.
• Sever ties with corporations and stop pandering to the pharmaceutical companies who are sucking the very life out of the people in their self-serving opposition to the intellectual advancement in our evolution.
• Stop wasting health care & police resources by finalizing legality & advancing human trials on the healing properties of Cannabis Sativa for cancer. The list of curative properties found in this one plant alone is astronomical and I'm tired of watching my friends and family die unnecessarily before my eyes when there are real & better options.
• Protect our sovereignty & cease all foreign ownership of our lands and waters that has us heading toward an attempted foreign takeover of our country, which will ignite a revolution of the people. Do you truly want things to get that far before you see what the real power of a people united can do?
• Utilize the referendum process more often to speed up the legislation progress without bias and block all political propaganda from the airwaves.

I hope some of my ideas will resonate with the forward thinkers among you as much as they do my fellow citizens.

Regards, Diane Babcock

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Submitted by Tara pettipas on March 22, 2018 - 9:23 PM

Way to many ineffective levels of government that do not communicate with one and other or the public. The public receives no information on what is happening in council or at the house. Some form of regular communication should be established!

Submitted by Tara Pettipas on March 22, 2018 - 9:19 PM

Use systems that are proven to have been successful and also consult the people whom that issue effects. Why does bills and acts have to be so confusing that we need a lawyer to understand them? Make them straight forward!!

Submitted by Tara Oettipas on March 22, 2018 - 9:15 PM

I do not like that we as the people do not have a say and have no means to hold our government accountably when they go against our wishes. I feel a majority government is no diplomatic.

Submitted by Pat Coletta on March 22, 2018 - 2:17 PM

I'm sick to death that we would spend millions worrying about gender neutral language instead of helping out our veterans and seniors. For goodness sake, get some perspective.