Transparent Government - Access to Information


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A few concrete ideas for increasing the transparency, accountability, and efficiency of Government:
1) Get rid of the process by which many well-paid public servants spend many hours digging up multiple versions of old and draft documents relating to decisions that haven't even been taken and reviewing them for exemptions for disclosure. This is a terribly expensive and inefficient process which is not satisfying for the public servants or the persons making the request under the Access to Information Act;
2) Require that all government departments post all final documents (including backgrounders) regarding approved or implemented program changes online and available automatically to the public;
3) Have the Government commit to providing factual, relevant, and truthful responses to questions from parliamentarians in the House of Commons, as they are our representatives in the House (as opposed to avoiding or providing non-answers to valid questions, which is the worst form of Government opaqueness. 

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