Open Data Institute (ODI)


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As announced in the 2014 Budget, the government will work with partners in the private sector, academia, and government to establish an Open Data Institute. The Institute will act as hub for Canadian open data initiatives, and will play a key role in encouraging the commercialization of open data.

Potential activities may include:

  • Developing and promoting the use of common open data standards across Canada;
  • Stimulating the “app” economy by supporting Open Data “appathons”; and
  • Encouraging the use of Open Data to increase productivity and create new products and services to benefit Canadians.

Your collaboration will help make this proposed activity become a reality. In addition to your general comments, please let us know:

  • What do you see as the ultimate goal for this proposed activity within a two year span?
  • What are the specific actions and milestones required to meet this goal?
  • Who else should be involved in the implementation of this proposed activity?
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