Proactive disclosure

Proactively published government information for transparency and accountability.

Contracts, spending and operations

Contracts over $10,000

Contracts over $10,000, standing offer agreements, supply arrangements

Grants and contributions

Exchange of money, goods, services or assets

Departmental audit committees

Earnings and expenses, committee members

Government position reclassifications

Reclassified government positions

Travel and hospitality expenses

Travel expenses

Spending by senior official

Hospitality expenses

Spending by activity

Briefing packages

Briefing note titles and numbers

Briefing notes received by ministers and deputy heads

Question period notes

Question period notes prepared for ministers

Parliamentary Committee appearances for ministers

Materials prepared for ministers for an appearance

Parliamentary Committee appearances for deputy heads

Materials prepared for deputy heads for an appearance

New or incoming ministers

Materials prepared for incoming ministers on duties and functions

New or incoming deputy heads

Materials prepared for incoming deputy heads on duties and functions


Annual reports of ministers’ offices expenses

Expenses incurred by ministers' offices

Reports tabled in Parliament

Reports tabled in Senate or the House of Commons

Government acts of founded wrongdoing

Disclosures of founded wrongdoing

Use of Administrative Aircraft

Flight information for government administrative aircraft use

On social media

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