Informal Request for ATI Records Previously Released

Organization: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Year: 2024

Month: April

Request Number: EA2024_0064098

Request Summary: Provide any document relating to COMERCO SERVICES INC. ("Company") and/or to 3300 Saint-Martin Blvd. West, Suite 300, Laval (Chomedey) lot number 2 057 060 of the registry division of Laval ("Property") with respect to: compliance or non-compliance of the Property or activities connected thereto with any law or regulation under your jurisdiction; (ii) any violations or omissions that have or have not been corrected and that may have been identified with respect to the Ownership thereof or the activities undertaken therein; (iii) any report or expert appraisal prepared by a third party in connection with the Property or the Company's activities. Indicate whether, to the best of your knowledge, any circumstance could, over the course of time, give rise to a breach of any such law or regulation."

Disposition: No records exist

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