Informal Request for ATI Records Previously Released

Organization: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Year: 2022

Month: January

Request Number: AF-2021-00119

Request Summary: “Co-Investment Fund Initiative": For Ontario and British Colombia - information related to the actual amounts funded under this program since inception. Details to include all of the following: All organization names that have resulted in a signed commitment to date; Who were the recipients of the loans (name please); Total number of recipients; Where are the recipients located (address); Amount to each recipient and date issued. Loan terms (%interest duration); Totals of applicants broken down by type of applicant (i.e. individual, small business, large business, etc…) for the Co-Investment fund as well as all related contracts signed under this agreement. This should include executed contracts, MOU's, and letters of intent.

Disposition: Disclosed in part

Number of pages: 84