Informal Request for ATI Records Previously Released

Organization: Canada Energy Regulator

Year: 2024

Month: January

Request Number: A-2016-00131

Request Summary: In the recently released Report from the Ministerial Panel for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, the Panel states at p.3: In preparation for the public meetings, the panel had direct briefings from the proponent, Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC; from the NEB; and from Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Trans Mountain, whose staff members attended all public sessions, also submitted a series of issue sheets to the panel’s online portal, addressing questions that had been raised during public sessions. This request is for the following records: - All records, including but not limited to; briefing documents, meeting minutes, meeting notes, and correspondence related to the Ministerial Panel’s: Briefing s with Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC, Kinder Morgan Canada and any Kinder Morgan Inc. affiliate; Briefings from the NEB; and Briefings with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and the Alberta government; - All issue sheets submitted by Trans Mountain referenced above.

Disposition: Disclosed in part

Number of pages: 275

Comments: No

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