Informal Request for ATI Records Previously Released

Organization: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Year: 2019

Month: September

Request Number: A-2018-76399

Request Summary: Documents related to the history of blended sponsorship programs in Canada, specifically: 1) Presentation slides from the presentation "Blended VOR Initiative: Presentation to SAH Conference" from 30 May 2012 2) Documents from 2012 related to the creation of the BVOR stream in 2013 and the rationale behind its creation 3) Documents related to Project FOCUS Afghanistan for Afghan Ismaili refugees between 1994 and 1998 4) Documents related to 3/9 Sponsorship Pilot Program for refugees from the former Yugoslavia 5) Documents related to blended sponsorship program for Sierra Leonean refugees in 2001 6) Documents related to the agreement with the Anglican Primate in 2009 for 4/8 blended funding for sponsorship 7) Documents related to the blended sponsorship program for Iraqi refugees beginning in March 2011 8) Documents related to blended sponsorship program with Rainbow Refugee Committee in March 2011

Disposition: Disclosed in part

Number of Pages: 277