Informal Request for ATI Records Previously Released

Organization: Canada Energy Regulator

Year: 2024

Month: March

Request Number: A-2023-00051

Request Summary: Please find enclosed a notice of authorisation from the aforementioned company authorizing the disclosure to the undersigned of the information contained in the records you have concerning said company as well as the authorisation to give a copy of the documents relating to the information thus furnished. “In particular, would you please inform us, if the company mentioned in the title has ever been or is currently the subject of any claims, complaints or investigations by the Canadian Energy Regulator and, generally speaking, provide us with the company’s file.” The company is headquartered at 600-740 Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3C 3X6. The company’s NEQ is 1149890247. We would appreciate receiving this information by email to the address below or by fax to (418) 549-9590, as soon as possible after receipt of this letter, to the attention of the undersigned

Disposition: No records exist

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