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Federal departments are moving their web content to As a part of that process, proactive disclosure reports will become available through the Open Government portal.  During this transition, if a proactive disclosure report from a specific department is not yet available on the Open Government portal please refer to Proactive disclosure by department or agency where a copy can be found.  For any questions on this issue, please contact us at .

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Search the summaries of completed Access to Information (ATI) requests to find information about ATI requests previously made to the Government of Canada. If you find a summary of interest, you can request a copy of the records at no cost. For additional information, please see the “About Access to Information Requests” webpage.

If you don’t find what you are looking for you can request additional government records under an institution’s control by contacting the institution’s Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator.

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Req # A-2018-00036

Electronic copies of records documenting New Gold Inc. Rainy River Project #80007 water pollution. This would include, but is not limited to, water pollution from acid mine drainage, metal contamination, erosion and sedimentation. Please include data from the beginning of the project to present day.

Organization: Impact Assessment Agency of Canada

951 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00012

Copies of all resulting contracts for consulting/contracting staffing efforts in the National Capital Region for September 2018 to March 2019. Excluding Temporary Help Services (THS) Standing Offer (SO) call ups and THS Supply Arrangement (SA) Contracts, Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) SO call ups and TSPS SA Contracts, Proservices SA Contracts. Excluding Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) SO call ups and TBIPS SA Contracts from September 2018 and January-March 2019.

Organization: Impact Assessment Agency of Canada

576 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00016

GUERRIER, Philippe, Profil environnemental du territoire du département de santé communautaire de l'hôpital du St-Sacrement, Dép. santé communautaire, Hôpital du Saint-Sacrement, 1987. The bibliography of this document refers to two other documents that I could not find. I think they must have been produced on your side. The documents are as follows: - PORT OF QUÉBEC, Study on transhipment and storage of chemicals at the Port of Québec, April 1985. - ROCHE-ENVIROBEC, C.U.C. - Port of Québec, Ambient air sampling network, january to December 1985, 1986.

Organization: Impact Assessment Agency of Canada

0 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00849

June 2019 Briefing Note: 2019-009165 Conversion Therapy (For Approval).

Organization: Department of Justice Canada

6 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00518

Documents mentioning "genocide" between May 31 to June 10, 2019.

Organization: Department of Justice Canada

1473 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2018-01259

Documents concerning the approval of the drug Secobarbital for medical assistance in dying. Time period February 6, 2015 to September 11, 2018.

Organization: Department of Justice Canada

248 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2018-02093

Documents held by the Minister, Deputy Minister and Chief of Staff regarding Deferred Prosecution Agreements between November 1, 2018 to February 7, 2019. Exclude media clippings and Cabinet Confidences.

Organization: Department of Justice Canada

1509 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2018-02277

Documents pertaining to a deal to sell Light Armoured Vehicles to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by either General Dynamics Land Systems Canada or the Canadian Commercial Corporation. From December 1 to December 31, 2018.

Organization: Department of Justice Canada

155 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2018-02340

Briefing Note: 2018-016462 Deputy Ministers Call on Indigenous Interests and Cannabis Legalization and Regulation - October 18, 2018.

Organization: Department of Justice Canada

31 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2018-02356

December 2018 Briefing Note: 2018-020452 MTASDM & CFO - THCEE One-Off Request - Approval for a Meeting to Represent Justice at a CRA Offshore Compliance Advisory Committee Meeting for December 14, 2018.

Organization: Department of Justice Canada

9 page(s)
September 2019

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