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Req # A-2018-00005

Request for Voting Services Modernization/Polling Place Process Enhancement Contract (05005-16-0167) ("RFP"): Any and all proposal responses, technical proposals, documentation, reports, submittals, pricing, including, but not limited to any best and final offers and other information submitted by any vendor in response to the above reference RFP Any and all documentation, reports, analysis, scoring or other information related to the evaluation, scoring and ranking of all vendors proposal responses submitted in response to the RFP, including each individual evaluation team member's scoring sheets, notes and other information Any award of contract, contracts, letters of intent or other agreements entered into between Elections Canada and a vendor in response to the RFP. Specifically, any contracts Elections Canada has entered into Compugen, Inc. in response to the RFP or any contracts Election Canada has entered into with KnowInk.

Organization: Elections Canada

3072 page(s)
April 2019

Req # A-2018-00032

Obtain the list of briefing notes prepared for the Chief Electoral Officer for the following period: February 1, 2019, to date, March 14.

Organization: Elections Canada

2 page(s)
April 2019

Req # A-2019-00002

Please provide all Task & Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) and Task Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) Supply Arrangement (SA) contracts and Standing Offer (SO) callups issued in the National Capital Region for the months of October, November & December 2018. Please provide copies of contracts and callups.

Organization: Elections Canada

233 page(s)
April 2019

Req # A-2019-00003

Please provide all Temporary Help Services (THS) Supply Arrangement (SA) and Standing Offer (SO) callups issued in the National Capital Region for the months October, November & December 2018.

Organization: Elections Canada

27 page(s)
April 2019

Req # A-2017-00018

Date ranges: March 26 to May 22, 2011 and August 4 to October 19, 2015. Information: Elections Canada Online ( uptime during the requested dates as well as visitor records for that are anonymized, including anonymized IP addresses (as submitted to Google Analytics), any location (geographic) information, date and time of request, and pages visited.

Organization: Elections Canada

906 page(s)
April 2018

Req # A-2017-00034

Provide internal briefings and reports on identified electoral integrity risks for the 2019 general election, including any illegal party and candidate practices, and cyber and third-party threats. Include records on preventing third-party influences and foreign intrusions in the 2019 general election. Provide reports from the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) on cyber and other threats to the election process. Provide records on the anticipated use of software tools, algorithms or analytics to influence election and vote outcomes in the 2019 general election. Timeframe: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.

Organization: Elections Canada

229 page(s)
April 2018