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Federal departments are moving their web content to As a part of that process, proactive disclosure reports will become available through the Open Government portal.  During this transition, if a proactive disclosure report from a specific department is not yet available on the Open Government portal please refer to Proactive disclosure by department or agency where a copy can be found.  For any questions on this issue, please contact us at .

About this information

Search the summaries of completed Access to Information (ATI) requests to find information about ATI requests previously made to the Government of Canada. If you find a summary of interest, you can request a copy of the records at no cost. For additional information, please see the “About Access to Information Requests” webpage.

If you don’t find what you are looking for you can request additional government records under an institution’s control by contacting the institution’s Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator.

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Req # A 2019_0005

Please provide a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CDEV and the Trans Mountain Corporation.

Organization: Canada Development Investment Corporation

18 page(s)
November 2019

Req # A-2019-11247

Briefing note from January 2019: GDL-021213 - Swine Flu Update.

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

2 page(s)
October 2019

Req # A-2018-19876

Briefing note from August 28-29, 2018: 18-02749 - Minister Blair Briefings.

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

5 page(s)
October 2019

Req # A-2018-20000

Briefing note: 18-01914 - President's Office Tasking - Task Force Opioid Crisis

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

14 page(s)
October 2019

Req # A-2018-20001

Briefing note: 18-01931 - President's Office Tasking - Dinner with His Excellency Xio Pei

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

10 page(s)
October 2019

Req # A-2018-20002

Scenario note from June 28, 2018: 18-02017 - Deputy Minister Interdepartmental Working Group on Opioids.

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

14 page(s)
October 2019

Req # A-2019-17569

Statistics from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2018 on persons held in immigration holding centres controlled by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or Provincial holding facilities broken down by: ethnic background, gender, and nationality of migrants including the number where the nationality could not be determined. Additionally, data on the length of the detention and broken down by detention facility. Also, data of migrants by ethnic and national background who have been detained by the CBSA in provincial jails for the same time period.

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

48 page(s)
October 2019

Req # A-2019-18903

A list from September 1 to 30, 2019 of briefing notes.

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

4 page(s)
October 2019

Req # A-2019-17703

Statistics from January 1, 2017 to October 2, 2019 on the number of immigration detainees in Canada detained on grounds of identity disaggregated by place of detention.

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

3 page(s)
October 2019

Req # A-2019-16875

Statistics from April 1, 2017 to September 16, 2019 on the number of removal orders issued to irregular arrivals and the number of removals undertaken for the same time period.

Organization: Canada Border Services Agency

1 page(s)
October 2019

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