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Federal departments are moving their web content to As a part of that process, proactive disclosure reports will become available through the Open Government portal.  During this transition, if a proactive disclosure report from a specific department is not yet available on the Open Government portal please refer to Proactive disclosure by department or agency where a copy can be found.  For any questions on this issue, please contact us at .

About this information

Search the summaries of completed Access to Information (ATI) requests to find information about ATI requests previously made to the Government of Canada. If you find a summary of interest, you can request a copy of the records at no cost. For additional information, please see the “About Access to Information Requests” webpage.

If you don’t find what you are looking for you can request additional government records under an institution’s control by contacting the institution’s Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator.

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*All information provided will incorporate the necessary exemptions and exclusions as per the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

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Req # 1025-AC2018-002

"Please provide all FCAC records, documents and correspondence, including drafts, related to "sales practices" at banks and/or the current review or examination of "business practices," including issues referenced here and here to review businesspracticesinthefederallyregulatedfinancial.html - mentioning Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), TD Bank, CIBC, BMO, Scotia Bank, and the Office of the superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), or between FCAC and all of the above mentioned banks and OSFI between February 1, 2017 and May 26, 2017.”

Organization: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

575 page(s)
November 2019

Req # 1025-AC2018-013

Provide FCAC’s 2017, 2018 unpublished review notes of each of the big six banks retail selling misconduct breaches. Provide a summary and weighted analysis done of each of the 4,500 complaints received on questionable banking retail product selling. Provide the interview notes done on some 600 bank employee on questionable retail banking product selling. Provide documents identifying third party sellers of retail bank products, data on payments made to third party sellers, and problems banks have indicated they have had with third party sellers. Other records released/to be released.

Organization: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

231 page(s)
November 2019

Nothing to report this month

Organization: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

October 2019

Req # 1025-AC2020-001

All electronic or paper documents related to file No. 366934 stored in your WebCIMS case management system, and in particular all documents of a personal nature related to one individual.

Organization: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

295 page(s)
September 2019

Req # 1025-AC2020-002

Request for information under the Access to Information Act FCAC Annual Examination Questionnaire.

Organization: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

3 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00135

The report of the Financial Review that was shared with Peters First Nation in March 2019.

Organization: Indigenous Services Canada

0 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00132

Correspondence and reports from 1959 to 1965 related to the provision of land to the Conservative Mennonite Gospel Mission of the Conservative Mennonite Church, and their establishment of a mission and church, at Manitou Rapids No. 11 Reserve.

Organization: Indigenous Services Canada

45 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00061

Briefing Note: ESD4521 Engaging with First Nations and Inuit towards a Holistic Long-Term Care Continuum.

Organization: Indigenous Services Canada

4 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00149

The policy, application form, and any instructions to applicants in regard to the evidence they must provide to the Indian Registrar's Office to establish a customary adoption for the purpose of Indian Registration.

Organization: Indigenous Services Canada

9 page(s)
September 2019

Req # A-2019-00144

List of candidates taken on casual (short-term tenure, term) in the National Capital Region at Indigenous Services for the months of April, May and June 2019.

Organization: Indigenous Services Canada

1 page(s)
September 2019

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