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Transitional Period

Federal departments are moving their web content to As a part of that process, proactive disclosure reports will become available through the Open Government portal.  During this transition, if a proactive disclosure report from a specific department is not yet available on the Open Government portal please refer to Proactive disclosure by department or agency where a copy can be found.  For any questions on this issue, please contact us at .

About this information

Search the summaries of completed Access to Information (ATI) requests to find information about ATI requests previously made to the Government of Canada. If you find a summary of interest, you can request a copy of the records at no cost. For additional information, please see the “About Access to Information Requests” webpage.

If you don’t find what you are looking for you can request additional government records under an institution’s control by contacting the institution’s Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator.

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*All information provided will incorporate the necessary exemptions and exclusions as per the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

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Req # A-2016-02655

All materials exchanged between Boeing and representatives of Boeing and the Minister of National Defence and his office from November 2015 to March 2017.

Organization: National Defence

9 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2016-02658

All materials prepared for and used in the response to Order Paper Question 600, which was tabled in the House of Commons on January 30, 2017.

Organization: National Defence

97 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2017-00696

Copy of contracts associated with Solicitation No. W8486-162679 Solicitation No. W847A-130139 Solicitation No. W8486-163116 TSPS – SA

Organization: National Defence

608 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2017-01439

Copies of three letters received by Director Aerospace Equipment Program Management concerning the next generation replacement program from Australian government on the purchase of hornets, fatigue tracking on the hornets and life extension of the hornets.

Organization: National Defence

45 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2018-01960

Communications regarding joining instructions between 32 Canadian Brigade Group recruiters and candidates on Basic Military Qualifications (BMQ) 8. Between August 30 2018 and November 30 2018.

Organization: National Defence

10 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2017-01446

All records held by legal officers and public servants working in the Office of the Judge Advocate General in the National Capital Region related to Access to Information Act requests about the report of the court martial comprehensive review.

Organization: National Defence

412 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2017-01778

Communications from January 1, 2017 to 22 February 2018 between the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) and the Strategic Joint Staff regarding possible changes and/or amendments to the Memorandum of Understanding between the CF and US Coast Guard.

Organization: National Defence

18 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2018-00581

All documents produced from January 1, 2018 to 29 June 2018 examining the future of the Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks.

Organization: National Defence

25 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2018-00901

Briefing note: MND2018-1188174

Organization: National Defence

13 page(s)
May 2019

Req # A-2018-01266

A list of ministerial and departmental correspondence received by the Ministerial Correspondence Unit between September 1st 2018 and October 1st, 2018

Organization: National Defence

15 page(s)
May 2019

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