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Req # A2018-0004

Contract with Welund (C2016-2017-Q3-40059) and any and all correspondence between NRC and Welund North America about the contract or services provided.

Organization: National Research Council Canada

64 page(s)
June 2018

Req # A2018-0008

How many employees at the Director General or Vice-President level are now on language training? Are the following employees on language training, or expected to have training soon? Emily Harrison, Ruth Rayman, Ibrahim Yimer, Jean-François Houle, Lakshmi Krishnan, David Murring, Guillermo Ordorica-Garcia and Susanna Laaksonen-Craig?

Organization: National Research Council Canada

1 page(s)
June 2018

Req # A2017-0031

All documents relating to the NRC contribution to Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd. (reference number GC-2014-Q1-25123).

Organization: National Research Council Canada

176 page(s)
May 2018

Req # A2017-0033

Information regarding the dates and total amounts paid to Gaulec Contracting Ltd. for the work on the M-38 Flexible Research Facility project from October 2016 to February 26, 2018.

Organization: National Research Council Canada

208 page(s)
May 2018

Req # A2018-0001

All records regarding Ian Potter's language training from October 15, 2017, to April 6, 2018. All emails written in 2018 to or from Iain Stewart or Human Resources Branch, concerning Ian Potter's return to regular duties.

Organization: National Research Council Canada

170 page(s)
May 2018

Req # A2018-0002

All records detailing what was discussed at the following meetings of the Advanced Manufacturing Table: October 11, 2017, in Ottawa; November 14, 2017, in Ottawa; December 18, 2017, in Ottawa; January 17, 2018, in Ottawa; February 16, 2018, in Ottawa.

Organization: National Research Council Canada

39 page(s)
May 2018

Req # A2018-0005

List of IRAP recipients (company name, address, contact name, phone number, email and amount of funding received) for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Organization: National Research Council Canada

75 page(s)
May 2018

Req # A2017-0029

All documents regarding settlements of claims pursuant to the Canadian Human Rights Act for the fiscal year 2016-2017.

Organization: National Research Council Canada

114 page(s)
April 2018

Req # A2017-0030

All records from 1970 to 1980 related to mercury and: a) Dryden paper mill, b) Dryden Chemicals, c) Wabigoon River.

Organization: National Research Council Canada

14 page(s)
April 2018

Req # A-2017-00365

Temporary Help Services (THS) Supply Arrangement (SA) and Standing Offer (SO) callups issued in the National Capital Region from July to September 2017.

Organization: Canadian Food Inspection Agency

2 page(s)
March 2018

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