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Search the summaries of completed Access to Information (ATI) requests to find information about ATI requests previously made to the Government of Canada. If you find a summary of interest, you can request a copy of the records at no cost. For additional information, please see the “About Access to Information Requests” webpage.

If you don’t find what you are looking for you can request additional government records under an institution’s control by contacting the institution’s Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator.

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*All information provided will incorporate the necessary exemptions and exclusions as per the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.

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Req # A-2020-00006

Data on campsites or accommodations that were reserved but not used by the reservation holders, for the years 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

Organization: National Capital Commission

1 page(s)
February 2020

Req # A-2020-00009

NCC requirements for accessibility to outdoor washrooms that include features of the "Changing Places" standard for people with disabilities

Organization: National Capital Commission

45 page(s)
February 2020

Nothing to report this month

Organization: Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

February 2020

Req # A-2019-00183

All Moss Mine water tests or reports for 2019

Organization: National Capital Commission

863 page(s)
January 2020

Req # A-2019-00077

A copy of the annual underwater archaeological reports

Organization: Parks Canada

640 page(s)
January 2020

Req # A-2019-00095

A copy of documents pertaining to Solicitation No. 5P424-160620/001/STN and termination of the contract awarded to 1957282 Alberta Ltd. or Lecol Calgary

Organization: Parks Canada

0 page(s)
January 2020

Req # A-2019-00053

From September 1, 2017 to present, communications (text, email, records of telephone calls) or meetings (meeting preparation notes and meeting notes) Frank Simioni, Manager Detection Security Services had with McAfee

Organization: Shared Services Canada

100 page(s)
January 2020

Req # A-2019-00060

Any and all documents, action memos, briefing notes, meeting minutes, and notes of meetings for the fiscal years 2016/7, 2017/8, and 2018/9 relating to Shared Service Canada's: Training policy and procedures, including delegated authorities

Organization: Shared Services Canada

477 page(s)
January 2020

Req # A-2019-00061

Seeking the following documents, reports, action memos, briefing notes, meeting minutes, and notes of meetings regarding: Departmental recruitment and staffing policy and procedures manual for fiscal years 2016/7, 2017/8, and 2018/9.

Organization: Shared Services Canada

1181 page(s)
January 2020

Req # A-2019-00063

The 2019 K000006583 contract awarded to BMC Software Canada Inc. for an ITSM Tool. Reference PW-19-00841613 and any amendments.

Organization: Shared Services Canada

180 page(s)
January 2020

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